KUBOTA Genuine Parts Durability and Quality

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Our localized parts are of the same standards with imported parts with reasonable price.

Find as many as 50,000 spare parts manufactured under brands of "KUBOTA" and "Tra Chang" at our authorized
dealers near you. We assure you of high quality, durability, heavy-duty use and reasonable prices.

Localized Parts for Tractors
Category 1 :
Maintenance kits oil filters, hydraulic filters, fuel filters,
outer air filters and inner air filters)
Category 2 :
3-points link , U-joint & pins for implements.
Category 3 :
Disc Clutch
Category 4 :
Oil Seal
Category 5 :
Rod tie
Category 6 :
Cable, Belt & Other Cable
Category 7 :
Plunger,Valve delivery, Piece Nozzle
Category 8 :
Lamp hazard, Bulbs & Fuses
Category 9 :
Seats, Bearings, Pins and Etc

Localized Parts for Combine Harvesters
Category 1 :
Maintenance kits (oil filters, fuel filters)
Category 2 :
Category 3 :
Cutting Blade, Assy Chain Feeder

Localized Parts for Transplanters
Category 1 :
Planting Claw
Category 2 :
Planting Claw
Category 3 :