KUBOTA Palang Jai Su Pai Nhao


         SIAM KUBOTA Co., Ltd. Cooperate with the Royal Thai Army to hold
KUBOTA Palang Jai Su Pai Nhao 18th. The management team, authorized dealers, and volunteers joined together to donate over 10,000 jackets worth 4,000,000 baht to needy people in remote area of Kanchanaburi, Udon Thani, and Loei provinces during November 28 - December 13, 2017. In addition, there was also a ceremony held in early November to present the Royal Thai Army with jackets for distribution to people within the central provinces.

SIAM KUBOTA and the Royal Thai Army have worked together for 4 consecutive years to identify the areas that would be most affected by cold weather in order to provide assistance to people that needed it the most. This commitment to provide warmth to fellow Thais during the coldest part of the year is a part of SIAM KUBOTAs dedication to the community. As the Royal Thai Army operates in all of those locations, they are able to witness the hardship of those who lack proper clothing first hand. This put them in an ideal position to work with SIAM KUBOTA to distribute winter coats to these people in the central regions, the northern regions, and the northeastern regions as well.