Seminar on “The Future of Agriculture, Farmers of Thailand 4.0”


           SIAM KUBOTA joined with the Rice Department of Thailand and the Bank for Agriculture and Agricultural Cooperatives to hold a seminar under the banner of: “The Future of Agriculture, Farmers of Thailand 4.0”. The seminar was hosted as part of a 3 province road show through Phitsanulok, Khon Kaen, and Yasothon in order to impart knowledge and exchange ideas on the future of agriculture with experts in the business. The goal of the road show was to develop Thai agriculture and support the Smart Farmer movement by teaching people how to get the highest profit out of their rice through their farming methods. This in turn will strengthen Thai farmers and lead them sustainably forward into the era of Thailand 4.0. In total, 1,200 farmers attended the event.

          At the event, there were also a number of lectures on “Agriculture 4.0” to help farmers understand and prepare for the 4.0 era. Some of these lectures included: “high profit strains of rice”, “grouping of experts in the area of agricultural machine management”, “innovative rice cultivation”, “processing rice for added value”, and the highlight of the day, the “rice calendar”, a collection of exclusive content from the SIAM KUBOTA research and development team; and knowledge from KUBOTA (Agri)Solutions. The calendar combined the use of innovative agricultural machinery and cultivation techniques with accurate and precise timing to serve as a tool for Thai farmers to successfully reduce their costs, increase their rice quality, and generate more income. The calendar was distributed to all the farmers that attended the event so that they could apply it to their own farms. In addition, the event also featured an exhibition on the various aspects of rice which farmers could learn from and apply to their own crops. 

          All in all, the “The Future of Agriculture, Farmers of Thailand 4.0” seminar was able to continue the success of the previous year where SIAM KUBOTA and the Rice Department of Thailand co-organized the “Thai Farmers Adapting to a Fast Changing World” seminar in order to find new avenues of development for Thai farmers to improve their quality of life and grow rice to compete on the world market. It is the hope of the organizers that these seminars will give the many Thai farmers in attendance from all over the country new advantages from experts across a variety different fields that they can use to improve Thai agriculture.