Aftersales Service

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Product ProductModel Warranty Period
KUBOTA Tractor B Series
L Series
M Series
1 Year or 1,000 Hour
15 Month or 1,500 Hour

1 Year or 1,500 Hour
KUBOTA Implement
Tra Chang and
All Series 6 Month
(or 500 Hour for Rotary)
KUBOTA Combine Harvester All Series 1 Year or 1,000 Hour
(500 Hour for Crawler)
KUBOTA Transplanter All Walk-Behind Series
Riding Series 6 Rows
Riding Series 8 Rows
1 Year or 400 Hour
1 Year or 500 Hour
1 Year or 600 Hour
KUBOTA Diesel Engine All RT Series 36 Month
Power Tillers
Tra Chang
All NC Series 24 Month
(Gear Case : Lifetime Warranty)
Excavator All KX Series 1 Year or 2,000 Hour

When Warrant Begins
To SIAM KUBOTA Corporation Co,. Ltd provides warranty to the products which are directly sold by the Company
or by authorized dealers. Warranty starts with the date of product acceptance by the first owner.

Duration of Warranty
The warranty period of each product is different and subject to terms and conditions. If damage occurs due to improper
materials, stems from defects in the manufacturing process or arises as a result of normal use and regular maintenance,
we are pleased to repair and replace the defective parts free of charge.

Repair & Replacement
The warranty terms and conditions are limited to repair and replacement carried out by SIAM KUBOTA Corporation Co,. Ltd.
or authorized dealers only.

Transfer of Ownership
The warranty is transferrable to the second owner.