Rice Seedling Center

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Rice Seedling Center

  • What is Commercial Rice Seedling Center?

    Commercial Rice Seedling Center (CRSC) is an agricultural business venture that produces and distributes rice seedlings. It is committed to delivering rice sheet with convenient and speedy service to maximize customer’s satisfactions. CRSC is supported by SIAM KUBOTA, The Leader of agricultural machinery. Then, SIAM KUBOTA has policy to expand the network of CRSC extensively.

  • Product and Service

    CRSC produces and distributes high quality rice seedling for rice transplanter users by the pros of production standard control for helping customers to get quality products and have supreme satisfaction.

  • Policy and Network

    SIAM KUBOTA aims to expand the network of CRSC for more comprehensive and give chance to potential investors to be part of the growing network. Siam KUBOTA will support network development system, knowledge, production technology, sale and marketing tools for sustainable succeeding in business.

What we offer

What we offer

  1. SIAM KUBOTA will provide highly-trained staff to help you with design and improvement of rice nursery to make sure the facility is ready for operation.
  2. SIAM KUBOTA will provide highly-trained staff to help you through the process of CRSC production to ensure and reinforce standard quality Commercial Rice Seedling Center (CRSC) and efficient services.
  3. SIAM KUBOTA will organize training courses for the management and staff before and during the rice nursery’s operation.
  4. SIAM KUBOTA will provide a CRSC signboard, materials for interior and exterior decorations, and staff uniform to maintain standard services.
  5. SIAM KUBOTA will design and provide support for marketing and sales promotion activities on a regular basis.
Marketing and Sales Promotion Materials

For Outdoor

• 1 signboard with 1x4 metre in size and mounting equipment
• 8 promotional flags with mounting equipment

For Indoor

• 1 set of information boards about rice seedling production and mechanized rice transplanting (four boards per set)

• 3 standees displaying information about CRSC and their advantages

• 30 sets of uniform for staff (long-sleeved shirts, caps, and aprons)


A Breakdown of Investments, Expected Returns, and Break-even Point

Investment Details for a 800-rai of Rice Farm/Season with Production Capacity of 40,000 trays (For New Investors) *
Order Item Price/Unit Amount Total Price (Baht)
1 Housing with concrele floor 400 sq.m 750,000 1 750,000
2 Green field with water system 80,000 1 80,000
3 Farm road surrounding the greening field 50,000 1 50,000
4 Semi-auto sowing machine 92,000 1 92,000
5 Sieving machine 15,000 1 15,000
6 Nursery trays 25 40,000** 1,000,000
7 Pick-up truck (Used car) 200,000 2 400,000
8 Canvas tarp and mounting equipment for pick-up truck 10,000 2 20,000
9 2-tonne forklift 250,000 1 250,000
10 Plastic pallet size 1m*1.2m 450 30 13,500
11 Portable post and conveyer system 75,000 1 75,000
Total 2,745,500

  1. The cost estimation is for new investors. The costs can be lower if the participants have already made some related investments.
  2. The size and value of investment are given as a reference and can be adjusted as the participants see fit. Costs and expected returns also depend on the location and the management skills of individual investors.
  3. Prices are based on SIAM KUBOTA Corporation’s estimation which is subject to changes.
  4. SIAM KUBOTA Corporation reserves the rights to change the price semi-auto sowing machine without prior notice.

Expected Returns and Break-Even Point
Iem Baht
Estimated  incomes (year)
The estimates are based on the production of 40,000 rice seedling mats per season or 240,000 mats per year; seedling mats are sold at 15 baht apiece)****
Total 3,600,000
Estimated expenses (year)  
1.Production costs (10 baht per mat) The estimates are based on the production of 240,000 mats (40,000 mats*6 planting cycles) 2,400,000
2. General expenses (rent, water, electricity and other spending) The estimates are based on a monthly expense of 20,000 baht 240,000
Total 2,640,000
Annual Gains 960,000
Break-even point 2.86 years

** Price of non-KUBOTA tray
*** Nursery trays can be reused after rice seedling mats are removed.
**** Prices of rice seedling mats and production costs vary depending on the region/area where the centers are located.


Details of equipment and materials needed to run a rice seedling distribution center

1.Rice seeder equipment with sowing rail

1.1 Rice Seeder

To sow sprouted seeds and cover medias; the process requires human labor.

it is important that a right amount of seeds are scattered in a tray to obtain robust seedlings. Uniformity in seed sowing can be achieved with the use of rice seeder. The equipment can also be used to dispense cover medias.
1.2 Sowing rail

to guide and control rice seeder.

rice seeder should be used with the sowing rail which is designed to maximize efficiency of seed sowing and proper scattering of rice seeds.

In case of mass production of rice seedling mats, Siam Kubota Corporation recommends a semi-auto sowing machine.

Semi-auto sowing machine

to sow, bed media, watering, rice seeds and cover media onto nursery trays.

a large quantity of rice mat seedling are needed in mechanized cultivation. Manual labor may not be enough to produce mat seedling for transplanting. Powered by an electric system, the machine is used to sow Bed media,watering,rice seeds and cover the seeds with a thin layer of media. It has the capacity to produce 500 and 800 seed trays per hour.

2.Nursery tray (Standard outside dimension (WxL) 30x60 cm. and inside dimension (WxLxD) 28x58x3 cm.)

to raise mat seedling that are compatible with transplanters.

special equipments are needed for raising mat seedling in case of large scale of production. Standard rice seedling mats are 28x58x2.5-3 cm. in size.

3.Sieving Machine

to separate unwanted materials from medias and remove clump.

medias may contain unwanted materials such as stones and weeds. These materials can cause damage to rice transplanters during transplanting.

4.Pick-up Truck

to transport rice seedlings to customers.

delivery service can add value to products and services especially among customers who are unable to pick rice seedlings at the distribution centers.

5.Forklift Truck

to transport seedling trays within the nursery facility.

forklift has become a necessary tool in loading and unloading nursery trays. It help to reduce labor cost.

6.Conveyor System

to carry and transport trays in the nursery area.

the conveyor roller is used to transport nursery trays to the nursery area and carry rice seedling from the nursery area to the field for transplanting. Minimum human labor is required to place trays on the conveyor roller, which is efficient in carrying rice seedlings from the field to trucks for delivery.

Join the Network

Applicant’s Qualification

Qualifications of an Applicant

An applicant should have the following qualifications:

  1. Maintain a positive attitude and a service-minded consciousness.
  2. Have adequate financial support.
  3. Have a good credit record.
  4. Be willing to cooperate with Siam Kubota Corporation in organizing sales and marketing activities.
  5. Be compliance with rules and standard practices.
  6. In irrigable area, or water accessible area.

An applicant should submit following documents:
Documents Amount
Applicant form (provided by the company) 1
Copy of identification card with signature 1
Copy of house registrar with signature 1


Rice Seedling Center

No. Province Center's Name - Address Phone No.
1 Phitsanulok

Pricha Nangsan

114 Moo 7, NhongKham, PhomJarern, Phitsanulok 65150

2 Nakornsawan

Tor Jarern Konlakarn

87/2 Moo 8, Baanhardsalhao, Khaodin, Kaoliew, Nakornsawan 60230

3 Khamphaengphet

Saichon Namoil Rubpoakla

127/2 Moo 2, BaanThakhamin, Soi 11, Wangkham, Klongkhung, Khamphaengphet 62120

4 Sukhothai

Theerasak Roddumna Klaphan

101/6 Moo 4, Baan Wattung, Khotalieng, Srisumrong, Sukhothai 64120

5 Suklothai

Khun Somboon Saklapichai

38/3 Moo 6, Nongbau, Srinakorn, Suklothai 64180

6 Khamgheangphet

Soon Poakla Ngamdee

2 Moo 1, Moobaan Haedchaaom, Santor, Khanuworaluksaburi, Khamgheangphet 62130

7 Phitsanulok

Wamgped Krasetyon

160/1 Moo 2, Bangragum, Bangragum, Phitsanulok

8 Nakornsawan

Roddumna Chukiet

92/3 Moo 2, Tarkheed, Bunphotpisai, Nakornsawan

9 Suklothai

Sawang Roddumna

3/1 Moo 9, Bangshan, Srisumrong, Suklothai

10 Khamphaengphet

Prathep Roddumna

6/4 Moo 7, Khaokiris, Prankrakainoi, Khamphaengphet

11 Nakornsawan

Khum Poophalitmaledpun Baanthamai

15 Moo 3, Thamai, Chumsang, Nakornsawan

12 Khonkaen

Oryza World,. Ltd

38 Moo 14, MooBaan Bungkae, Noonton, Muang, Khonkaen 40000

13 Suphanburi

K.T. Land

196 Moo 1, Donjeydee, Donjeydee, Suphanburi 72170

14 Karnjanaburi

Krasetsilp Punkhao

56/2 Moo 5, Khaosamsipharb, Thamakar, Karnjanaburi

15 Ratchaburi

Khum-We Punkhao (Agriculturature)

20 Moo 6, Khaochangum, Photararm, Ratchaburi 70120

16 Uthaithani

Plangkla mhoadyuttataptun

38/1 Moo 6, Tuptun, Tuptun, Uthaithani

17 Chainat

Soonpoakla Tungruangtong

100 Moo 5, Moobaankaruna, Bangluang, Sappaya, Chainat 17150

18 Ayutthaya


19/2 Moo 3, Baantaew, Saena, Ayutthaya

19 Singburi

Pairat Roddumna

3/4 Moo 3, Moobaan Nhongkratum, Nhongkratum, Khaibangrajun, Singburi 16150

20 Lopburi

Daabwiboon Roddumna

22 Moo 11, Khaosamorekorn, Thawong, Lopburi 15180

21 Lopburi

Prienjarern Khaikla

68 Moo 9, Moobaan BangKoo, Bangkoo, Thawong, Lopburi 15150

22 Chainrt

Pornnopparat Rungrueng (Tidna)

39 Moo 12 , Wangtakien , Nhongmamomg , Chainrt 17120

23 Uthaithani

Kodchaporn Poakla

134/1 Moo 4, Baankrak, Nhongchan, Uthaithani

24 Nakornsawan

Soonpoaklalaeroddumna Dumnernkarndoi Khun Chatree

112 Moo 4, Rangpikul, Khamphaengsan, Khamphaengsan, Nakornsawan

25 Uthaithani


105 Moo 3, Moobaanphetnampueng, Lansak, Lansak, Uthaithani